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24 TOMBAZI, CHALANDRI - ATHENS 15232 GREECE,  TEL. (+30) 68 45 313 - 68 45 335 - FAX (+30) 68 53 930,  EMAIL:

This apartment building in Palaio Psychiko shares many features with the apartment building in Filothei (Korytsas street). However the seven years that separate the two buildings mean that the later building is a more mature work by the architects.
This particular building shows a stronger effort to broaden the volume potential of the building and, in certain instances, the large sliding balcony doors rising from floor to ceiling are replaced by large-scale windows with window boxes.
Because the specific building was built using antiparohi, where the developer covers the cost of building and the owner of the plot of land is repaid with apartments within the final building, and the building programme was set by the developer based on market trends, one apartment was designed per storey, with all the private areas facing the quieter road at the back of the building, while the sitting and dining rooms faced the façade.

Yet again, the weight-bearing frame of the construction remained visible and unadorned, In contrast, the balconies appear to slide into the vertical weight-bearing elements, in an attempt to make the four facades of the building more sculptural, which is the first time the architects attempted to do this in one of the residences they designed.


​Associate Architect: I. Anifantis

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