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Similarly with the other apartment buildings built in collaboration with a developer, this particular apartment building had to follow market rules and trends.
Thus the property arrangement called for two apartments on each floor, over the first two storeys, and a single unit combining the third and final floor, while the ground floor was free with a pilotis thus permitting the direct communication of the entrance with the garden and the somewhat distant parking spaces.
The designers attempted to escape conventional models of buildings built in the antiparohi model of that time, so the volumes of the building were embellished with recessed compact volumes, successive circumferential balconies, with short interruptions, which sometimes are circumscribed by vertical elements and other times are not. The move to shape the building’s volumes, in combination with recessing the building behind the building line to create a distance of 12 m from the road, allowed the apartment building to avoid the monolithic bulk of a rectangular building.


​Associate Architect: I. Anifantis

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24 TOMBAZI, CHALANDRI - ATHENS 15232 GREECE,  TEL. (+30) 68 45 313 - 68 45 335 - FAX (+30) 68 53 930,  EMAIL:

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