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Combining on one hand the usual demand of an employer to fully exploit a plot, and on the other the personal, unique idiom of the architect, is the key to success of any project.
Just such an instance occurred with the three-storey apartment building in Kifissia, which was designed under the usual "terms" and "programme of exploitation" set and imposed by the employer. The shape of the building was formulated by recessing the building line decidedly, in order to broaden the green verge, as well as the large balconies, which are shaped to divide the building into three clearly demarcated horizontal zones, whose base is the pilotis, somewhat sunken compared to the surrounding area.
The elements of the architecture practiced by Kyriakides and Associates are revealed here in the choice of materials and simplicity of line. Areas that see daytime use are arranged on the side of the road, while the bedrooms face the quieter open space at the back. Each storey was designed to hold two apartments that extended to both sides of the building, along a one-dimensional linear 1.20m grid, while they avoided the rectangular building typical for that time, through the sculptural shape of the façades, which display the weight-bearing framework of the construction.


​Associate Architect: I. Anifantis

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