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The residence on Hydra was designed over the traces of an old house in the area of Kaminia. It constitutes an exceptional example of the respect Kyriakos and Adela Kyriakides have for traditional architecture and the features of the landscape. Beyond the design, this respect lies also in the trust the architects showed towards the traditional arts of the local craftsmen and particular techniques of the region, utilised under their supervision.
This is a three-level residence, which followed the extreme gradient of the ground (approximately 50%). The first two levels were designated by the ruins of the older house and their walls were built reusing stones from that structure.
The entrance is by a narrow public stair on the side of the residence on the first-level courtyard, while access to the remaining levels is through staircases within the yard and within the second level. The first level includes two small independent studios, while the main residence extends along the second and third levels with the bedroom, the kitchen, the summer and winter dining rooms and the traditional Hydraean virani – a well lit open working area on the upper floor - respectively.
The materials used were carefully chosen throughout, so that the building could meld completely with its island environment. Special care was taken with the external courtyard area in order to provide greater enjoyment of the unimpeded view.



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