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This residence on the island of Skiathos was a real challenge for the architects, due to the morphology of the plot of land, on which they were called upon to design. The house was built on an overgrown and steep hillside, and the particular shape of the plot of land, as well as its unhindered view, dictated, to a very great extent, the solution they proposed.
As the residence was intended as a second country house, the owners sought to have privacy, while also entertaining frequently. The house was designed in such a manner as to clearly delineate the areas for daytime use and for sleep, and to isolate guest areas. Thus the entrance is located at the highest level of the house, where the living room, the kitchen, the dining room are also located, along with a guest room, that has its own entrance. On the lower level, reached by an interior staircase from the entranceway, were the two bedrooms, a studio and a second guest room, which also has a separate entrance.
Carving out simple horizontal and vertical lines, abundant surfaces and natural materials, which give the building its corporeality, built-in furniture for both the interior and the exterior spaces, reveal a flow in uses and surfaces. This, along with the use of a single shade of white for the shell, allowed the architects to merge the house successfully with the natural landscape, while also making it distinct from its surroundings, as if it were formed of Aegean light.


​Associate Architect: G. Bikos

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