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It is a challenge for an architect to deal with the owner’s dream of what his house should be and at the same time protect his own personal ideas and idiom.
Creating a strong boundary at the side of the passage with construction elements and at the same time placing the inner garden and pool adjacent to the neighboring resident’s garden facing south, created an exterior area completely secure and isolated from its surroundings. This area functions as an extension of the living room and the kitchen most months of the year, while the small pool and the densely planted garden secludes the area from the street and the neighboring residences. 
The minimalist approach of the design of the façades and the attempt to merge with and constitute an aesthetic continuity with the next-door construction, with which the building comes into direct contact, constituted a basic provision of the architectural composition. 
The two-storey high glazing to the south and the glass roof at the top of the staircase are considerable sources of thermal energy and natural light. During summer these elements are protected by a system of vertical and horizontal shades of perforated sun block fabric.



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24 TOMBAZI, CHALANDRI - ATHENS 15232 GREECE,  TEL. (+30) 68 45 313 - 68 45 335 - FAX (+30) 68 53 930,  EMAIL:

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