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The architects’ quest for a spare, functional architecture was not solely expressed in those buildings they designed along modern lines. The same logic and similar passion were also expressed in buildings that were more traditional in style. Just such an instance is this residence in Dionysos.
Set in a densely planted landscape, with tall pine trees, a small two-storey residence was built with complete respect for the natural beauty of the landscape. Yet again the idiom of the architects, their love for the simplicity of structure and creation of an image that is familiar to the surrounding environment, were all expressed with simple lines and volumes that at times project and others recess, in order to reproduce the sculptural outline of the ground, while the materials selected (brick, stone from digging the site and stark white plaster) combine to root the building in its surroundings and reveal references to vernacular architecture and its forms.
A respect for the landscape, which goes beyond the selection of materials for the exterior and the interior of the residence, was expressed equally by the way the building was placed within the plot, and mainly in the way the design was centred around preserving existing vegetation and making the smallest possible impact on the morphology of the ground.


​Associate Architect: I. Anifantis

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