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The distinct shape of the plot and the building’s requirements, posing great needs in terms of surface, led the design team to create the first three levels as a simple rectangular compact volume functioning as a basis for the entire building.
On the ground level, one finds the Consulate and the reception area and on the first and second floor two large Multipurpose Halls serving the various events organized by the «House of Cyprus».
The last four floors host the offices of the various departments of the Embassy, while a large atrium multiplies the amount of natural lighting penetrating the offices and allows the visual contact with the nearby listed building hosting the Council of Europe.
A strong vertical element, following the outline of the notional volume, isolates the building from the adjacent parking building and defines the main facade of the Embassy.
The main materials used for the facades refer to the history of Cyprus. The marble cladding uses Cypriot porous stone and covers the largest extent of the main building volume, while zinc is applied on the beetling volume of the main facade and on the side facade below the atrium level.


Associate Architects: L. Loukou, Th. Talantinis

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24 TOMBAZI, CHALANDRI - ATHENS 15232 GREECE,  TEL. (+30) 68 45 313 - 68 45 335 - FAX (+30) 68 53 930,  EMAIL:

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