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This study is related to the remodeling of the Hotel Semiramis, which is located in Kefalari on the corner of Harilaou Trikoupi str., and Filathelfeos str.
The Hotel, which was erected in 1939, is one of the oldest in Athens. The site has an approximate area of 2600 sq.m. The existing building includes six (6) levels: basement, ground floor, three (3) floors above ground and an attic, with a total of forty-two (42) rooms.
The specific solution proposed was for the demolition of the exterior and the interior walls and the reinforcement of the bearing structure with additional elements.
The facades of the Hotel were remodeled and the roof of the main building was replaced due to structural requirements. The internal spaces, and particularly those of the ground floor and the basement, were rearranged in order to satisfy the demands of the new brief.
Furthermore new rooms were added to the attic, thus increasing the room number to fifty-three (53).
Additionally the landscape was completely remodeled, with a new shaped pool and a three-storey parking space of approximately 4000 sq.m for 115 cars was constructed in the basement under the atrium.


Concept and preliminary design: Karim Rashid /

Associates architects: T. Talantinis

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24 TOMBAZI, CHALANDRI - ATHENS 15232 GREECE,  TEL. (+30) 68 45 313 - 68 45 335 - FAX (+30) 68 53 930,  EMAIL:

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