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Benaki Museum, Athens, Pireos str. building

29 May 2012 - 29 July 2012


We would like to thank the Hellenic Institute of Architecture and especially its president Nikos Kalogeras, for the concept and materialization of this Monographic Exhibition.

The realization of large monographic exhibitions by the H.I.A. contributes significantly to the historical documentation of Greek architecture and operates as an awareness instrument for a broader audience, shaping public debate and discussion over the sense of “good quality” architecture.
We would also like to thank
Benaki Museum for the warm reception of the exhibition in its building at 138 Pireos street.
The decision to “expose ourselves to the public eye”, was taken due to the persistence of the H.I.A. vice-president Orestis Doumanis and colleague Alexandros Tombazis, who pressingly argued over the necessity of exposing our work outside the narrow circle of the Architectural community.
The integration of our work’s presentation to the Monographic Exhibitions program, made us reconsider our projects and organize their presentation in a more systematic way. We would like to thank Stavros Gyftopoulos who, together with a group of colleagues working in our office, orchestrated this precipitation to the past and systematized the collection of material, having its final editing.
Special thanks are due to Anna Skiada for the creative way in which she, together with Stavros Gyftopoulos, curated the Exhibition and edited the Monograph.

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